Module 1.4 Spherical Coordinate System

Constant R

Constant θ

Constant φ




Radial distance R Zenith angle θ    deg rad
Azimuthal angle φ    deg rad
Cartesian Coordinates (x, y, z) = (m, m, m)

Cylindrical Coordinates (r, φ, z) = (m, deg, m)

Spherical Coordinates (R, θ, φ) = (m, deg, deg)


Axis X:Red arrow。
Axis Y:Green arrow。
Axis Z:Blue arrow。
1. Press the left mouse button and move the mouse cursor to change the viewpoint, or you can click the standard view button in the upper right corner.
2. Press the right mouse button and move the graph with your mouse.


Cartesian coordinates     Cylindrical coordinates      Spherical coordinates